Google moves Map Listings

Google is changing things up again.

If you relied on your map listings for phone calls you may be bummed.

If you are like me and had a bunch of map listings above your ORGANIC listing, you should be pretty happy about this!

Google moves maps | SEO tips and Tricks

Oh I’m super duper happy about this ! My number 2 organic is now right smack in the middle of the page !

Google lately must’ve been doing some crazy things the past couple months. In July or August…I can’t quite remember, but my listing dropped off the front page and then appeared at the top of page one suddenly 4 weeks later. I’ve been consistent with updating my SEO. Would anyone know why that happened.

Search engine results do fluctuate.

Did you do any meta tag work or any other type of work on your site?

I don’t think they’ve moved it per se. It looks like they’ve kinda merged it with existing results. I searched for window cleaning tulsa and I noticed a couple of the results were only google map listings. They had no website of their own. I like it for all the other towns around me, I don’t like how it’s pushed my number 4 rank down though.

Yes, they’ve done that too, but the actual map is now on the right (it used to be ABOVE the organic listings)

Infact when you scroll the map floats in place on the right, [B]covering the adwords ads… odd.[/B]

see here:

I added one page. Didn’t update any meta tags, However, I did do a # of articles and links.

That could be it, especially considering how you dropped and then jumped back up.

This is AWESOME! I love it! One of the organic listings actually has my logo underneath it! Oh yeah, this could be really great.

+1… Only when I search “window cleaners northern NJ”, and its 1. All County 2. Me 3 Juggernaut (Ray don’t even service North Jersey lol) When I search “Window Cleaners Central NJ” there’s no logo, and its 1. Ray Juggs, 2. Me 3 Prizm (down by Philly, not competition IMHO)

Ya these new search listings look great. Just listened to a seminar on Googles plans for local search, some pretty interesting stuff. It’s really important now to generate google reviews as these reviews will be clustered with your local listing. We’re updating our review system this week to export our review straight to the the “Google Place” view.

Google maps drives me crazy. Has anyone noticed a slow down in using it? I have switched to bing 100%. If I want to zoom into a location or pull back with google it’s just taking forever. And I have fios. As far as the listings go. Pretty much the same. But I did get bumped down from #2 to #3 for “new jersey window washing”. Guess it’s time to start building the other two domains. I should start building backlinks but I’m always too lazy. :smiley:

I use bing maps for all of my over the phone estimates…much more accurate and birds eye view. I do use google maps though to verify the correct address.

I like bing maps for the birds eye view, but google maps on mobile.

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