Google’s Service Area Business

Those of us that don’t have an office to get to every morning? Well, please read the following info on this site. Google’s about to shake the tree again and it looks like (in my opinion) that it won’t be good for a good majority of us here.

All opinions encouraged.

This is the first I’ve heard of it. If any of you knew already…what are your thoughts about if this will be a good thing?

That was a lot to take in at 2am. So, if the problem is not having a address is a issue couldn’t you use one if those shared office spaces for a address? I believe I even seen you could a PO Box address. But it looked like after even that you would still be dropped down.

When did the world get so complicated?

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Nope. Unless customers can visit your place of biz and them find someone to
help them at the address during stated biz hours.

Don’t know how i feel about google making us pay to play after all the
money spent and countless hours trying to optimise etc.

They haven’t rolled out these changes yet in our industry but seems to be a
matter of time since we are service providers.

@SqueegeeNinjaNJ what’s your take on this?

This is old news, IMO

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I don’t see Google Home Services affecting our industry any time soon. They are going after lead gen prone industries and fake GMB listing plagued niches… aka plumbers and locksmiths.

They’ve been talking about this for at least 3 years, with no real action happening.

I’m getting old.
I had no idea. I read that and was trippin until your post. Thanks for the clarification. @SqueegeeNinjaNJ

Wait tho, the date of that article is from THIS month. Are you hearing different things?