Gorilla ladder do they make stabilizes

Hey there looking for some help
I have a Gorilla ladder and I’m looking to put the rite type of ladder stabilizes
What works best for this ladder.
Thanks for much for the help
Looking forward to the answers

How do you like your gorilla ladder? Do they come with the foot levelers like the little giant? @Outdoorguy

The one that have doesn’t at all . Its a good ladder I have been using it for indoor work like high dusting, some Chandelier cleaning and some window cleaning Its a heavy ladder to be carried all day but I’m a big guy it feels steady when im on and I like it . Im just trying to use for more outdoor stuff

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Xtendalegs are a must have for extension or stacks imo. But will they work on a gorilla ladder? Maybe if you took one side’s feet off?

yeah i REALLY like the Xtenda’s. they bolt on so they should go on anything. ~Jersey 862-312-2026 Xtenda-Leg Ladder Levelers | Ladder Accessories | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

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Extendas work great… until they don’t :slightly_frowning_face: I was 20ft high on a ladder once when 1 leg started to slip and my ladder aLmost fell, I had to jump off onto the deck. I was lucky but it could have been really bad. Really can’t bring myself to trust them again.
I use these now

Auto adjust to the ground never had an issue with them but they are a little heavy

Thanks Jersey :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks for this information

That’s true. You don’t know they’re going bad til your going up a ladder. But they do hold up for quite a while