Got a email from one of my storefront customers?

What should I say in the letter back. I want to do her home but I want to write her a good letter.

Hi, Justin-

I believe you’ve already done the windows for ****** for January - could you hold off for February till sometime during the week of 16th-20th? We’re having an event on the 20th and I want everything to look really good.

Also, do you have a gate sticker yet so that you can come into Sun City? Let me know 'cause I have some really dirty windows that need attention!


What’s it take to get a “gate sticker” and why do you need one?

Just keep it sweet and simple…


I got your email regarding wanting to make sure the windows were clean for an event your having on the 20th. What I’ve done is scheduled you for the afternoon of the 19th. We’ll make sure everything is spotless.

What day suits you for cleaning your house windows? I just got my gate sticker. Do you have any neighbors who may enjoy some clean windows while I’m there?


Thanks man. Don’t need a gate sticker just pay i think $10 to get in.

Yeah a couple of gated communitys I work in are like that. I found out from a friendly security guard though that I shouldn’t have been paying.

They charge for contractors who are working on a house being built. They try to get the contractor to buy a yearly pass for like 300 dollars, but if they don’t, they charge $5 or $10 a day.

I found out that if the homeowner lets the security gate people know that your coming, they let you right through.

dude, you’re in! Just write a nice note telling her you would happily give her a hand at home and the “event” cleaning will not be a problem.

Get the house booked fast, people tend to forget about things or reprioritze.

Good going! You obviously made a good impression

I cannot believe what I’m reading … paying to get into a gated community ?
Is that a legal practice or some sort of “bribe” ?

I get into some gated community with no security behind a car, the ones with security I wait until I’m called for an estimate to inspect the area, but paying doesn’t seem right to me.

Yes. I had to pay to get in; it was only when I found out that if the homeowner called to let security know I was coming that I didn’t have to pay.

The security guard stated that the money was used for upkeep of the roads and so forth. I was shocked, as each lot was 400k plus. Not to mention the huge yearly fee the residents pay for a memebership.

It wasn’t a bribe so much, at least not a bribe coming from the security individual. It was a “community” mandated policy.

If I were you … I would research that a little more, seems out of this world to me.
Check with the HOA maybe.

Next time asl for a receipt, tell them that you’re going to need it for “tax purposes” and see what happens

I work in several gated communities. The worst one is where I have to get out, sign in at the office, and get back in the van and go through. I NEVER have to pay though!

Conspiracy theory?!?

Who’s paranoid now!:slight_smile: