Got an ill shot of the house i cleaned today - just don't where to use it on website?

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That is a awesome pic bro. I would use that on my header.:smiley:

Head, like Simply glass (Simply Glass Window Cleaning Louisville)

Hmm - I would really have to rearrange some things around.

That would look great!

do you guys always get your customers permission before you use a pic of their house on your website?

I get permission to use customers’ homes.

I am starting a website and was wondering if there is anywhere on the web to get house pictures to use for my website? I am not a very good photographer and the ones i took of houses did not come out well. I was just wondering if there is a place to get them without copyright infringment or anything like that? is one place. No royalties, onetime cost.

Great photo quality…

I would bid that baby at $384 nice home!!

I was 84 short of your bid! but thats due to my postcard special they recieved - but dont worry the fall cleaning is 390!

I did in just under 6 hours.

Wish i had a WFP for homes like these - make a killing prob due 2-3 in a day

Love the pic, Seth. I have to ask, what kinda camera did you take that with? Looks better that a point and shoot.

Well IT was a point and shoot - Not sure why it turned out so nicely -

I did touch it up in photoshop - but the image was still originally sharp.

Picture is so good it looks like a render, and since everyone is hunting pictures on the web , I’d rather have a picture showing you, your crew or your vehicle, that’s the only way the customer is going to tie you to the house in the picture.

Wow! I’m surprised. I need to get a better point and shoot. Mine always comes out fuzzy. I like it!

I agree. Even though you took the pic, it really doesnt tie in with what you are doing unless you had a company vehicle or one of your guys with a uniform displaying your logo on it. It is a very nice clear pic.


Photo Shop IT! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Shefferz… where are you from in the LC? I Used to live downtown Frederick Street by Stubby’s, 2 years ago :slight_smile:

I live right near hacc lancaster - about 2 miles from the city - but My bro used to live very close to you!

ARe you from lanc?