Got called up about an old quote

I quoted 350 in and out on 20ish windows last December. Two story track home with tile roof. Since then they’ve completely remodeled the interior, landscaped and painted it in and out. Mask off windows for paint? Nah. Getting the windows cleaned anyway right? You can see through the windows still however every exterior window has drops and obvious overspray. Question is how much more do I charge? It probably tripled the time it’ll take to get them right again with scraping and steel wooling them.

Charge enough that next time they paper the windows. 3-5x

What s your CCU price?

Overspray is not going to take significantly longer, it’s going to add a minute or two to each side of the pane. Might double the cost, but it’s not going to triple it by any means.

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I don’t do ccu yet.

So I asked the customer for an additional $400. They called the painting company and his guy went and looked. Customer had me on a three way conversationwith her and the painter while h he was on site. What a fiasco.

The next day customer texts me saying that no one was accepting responsibility. “Is 400 the best you can do?” I don’t negotiate over texts, too much to go wrong. And I wasn’t about to drop my price now that I’d wasted a day on her job already. In still waiting for a call back exactly 24 hours later.

This constitutes a CCU. So if you accept it, whether you charge correctly for it or not, then you do CCU.

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Sounds like its not worth the headache - I would probably say “Yes, 400 is the best I can do. If that doesn’t work for you all the best.”

Sounds like a headache of a customer if they’re saying “Is that the best you can do?”

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Except this customer has been one for three plus years. (Since two months after I started) They started at about 1100 bucks a month worth of work and are now up to around 1700 a month in work. You guys will hate me for it but I came down a little because they will have a lift onesite soon that I can use for the work.

I don’t hate you at all for it. The lift is a difference maker. Also, the fact that this is a regular, profitable customer makes a difference. Customer satisfaction is key. What if you dig in over a hundred dollars or so, but lose the entire account later? Think of the money folks spend on marketing - hundreds of dollars to try and get customers in the front door. Isn’t it worth something to keep a valuable customer from slipping out the back door? I think so.


Don’t you do a lot of storefront @TexasRich?

Maybe 60% storefront and 40% higher end residential.

I should add too that I don’t advertise beyond my shirts and lettering on the truck. This means word of mouth and customer satisfaction is crucial. Sometimes the money others spend to advertise may go to absorbing a loss to take care of a solid customer.


Nice. I really need to pick someone’s brain about commercial and storefront stuf because I got a call after I posted this and the guy hired me for two little strip malls already so my foot is in the door there, today called me for a “quick quote” on a commercial park 1200 plus windows! They do the pressure washing and need a guy for the windows after. It typically makes for messy windows on the lowers because of the splatter but this complex has no lowers…

Plenty of discussions on commercial and storefront in archives.