Got my graphics

Got them couple of weeks ago but haven’t had the time to post pictures, wanted to get better ones, with daylight, but this is what I have so far.

Bought them on eBay, tight budget, and was willing to take the risk of low quality graphics because of the price. If they weren’t good enough I will put them up anyway until I could rack some cash to get better ones, but for my surprise quality was amazing, installation instructions were very complete and I have no need to call the seller over the phone, we did everything through email and he was prompt to reply and very helpful.

2 big decals for van side panels, 1 small decal for the van rear door, and 2 small ones for the front doors, PLUS, a big decal for the rear window of my Ranger … everything $129 shipped to my door … High quality at a low price is hard to come across, I think I just got lucky

I decided to use the 2 small decals for the van front doors on my Ranger doors, huge mistake, since everything was planned to be installed over a white background, but it didn’t look so bad, I commented this to him and he sent me a couple of replacement decals at not charge, even without ask him.

Recommended 110%, not affiliated in any form with him, just wanna pass the info here, I saved more than $600 from other quotes that I’ve requested.

Name’s Edward, here’s his eBay Store


Nice rigs Carlos.:wink:

Thanks guys, looking forward to get lots of business from the exposure that the van is gonna give me. And being in the area a lot people is going to remember my name and when they look on the web they’ll find me since I’ve been doing my homewrok there too.

Looks really good!

Nice job!

Econolines rule!

I am still debating between A tacoma/tundra/econoline

I’ll probably replace my Jeep J20 (full-size pickup) with a Tundra longbed.

I’ll probably replace my Jeep J20 (full-size pickup) with a Tundra longbed.

I love my E350.

If gas prices keep going down will be great to use that as a full time work truck (van)

Would LOVE a Tundra, they’re very expensive but they hold they value like no other trucks, IMHO.

Larry, do you have something special going on inside your e350 ? I’ve been looking around for inspiration but there’s not a lot. I bought a weatherguard shelf new in the box for $100 and installed it already, ladder rack new in the box too for $200.

I’ve also installed fiberglass insulation sandwiched in between the roof and 1/8 inch luan (sp) plywood. Sprayed the interior with that Rubberized stuff that comes in a spray can and painted the floor with that rust-proof primer.
Just want to add one of those bulkhead/dividers and something for the floor, preferably rubber, but is really nerve racking to get the pattern for the floor.

Bought my '96 used – it was an ex-State of CA vehicle. A bulkhead with sliding door, full headliner, mat, locking file cabinet, and one small shelf was already installed.

I purchased and installed a WeatherGuard ladder rack and some wheelie bars (just seeing if you’re paying attention.)

I’m still undecided about how I want to configue it – I’ll probably do a mounted RO/DI/hose reels thing.

American Van Equipment, Inc.:

INLAD Truck & Van Equipment Company/U.S. UPFITTERS:

I see stripped-down regular cabs with a V6 advertised for ~$17-18K when a rebate is in play.

Decals look good to me. Hope things go well for you

like the decals…

Nice Look! :slight_smile: