Got my uniforms in

18 days till escrow closes, 29 days till we’re in TN

I’ve got the uniforms, door hangers, and website done.


Those look really sharp. I think I’m going to move over to blue next year also… They seem to take the dirty is dirty stuff from window cleaning a lot better than the other colors.

These black and our current dark grey look great almost no matter how dirty they are.

My only concern is how much hotter is going to be in Las Vegas. Dark colors really make it stick to you.

Ah, yes. In TN it’s gonna be on average 20-25 degrees cooler than my current location, though the dark grey was just fine, it’s a breathable material and when it get’s to 105-110 degrees, I’d just soak the whole shirt and I’d feel 30 degrees cooler.

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