Got print postcards

i have always ordered 8.5 x 11 postcards from, which are always a great deal… yesterday i decided to check out the ‘flyers’ and it turns out an 8.5 x 11 ‘flyer’ is about half the cost of the postcards.

is the flyer the same thing?

is anyone else ordering the postcards or an i just an idiot?

should be the same except for the stock, which is what matters…

#100 paper or really anything under 10pt is going to be like regular paper…coated and such, but flimsy. Like magazine material.

What stock would you recommend for fliers?

heres what they offer for flyers
100lb gloss book with cs2
100lb gloss cover with cs2
70lb offset opaque
80lb gloss book with cs2

will any of these be thick enough for a direct mail piece
what i have now is 14pt postcards and they are nice, im not understanding the difference between the weight of the paper and the ‘pt’ of the paper…

Honestly, I don’t know the difference between book vs cover but I do know that those are all regular paper thickness…again, just like the page of a magazine… so they won’t even be rigid enough to hold themselves up and it would bend extremely easy.

Edit: for direct mail, you need 10pt or above or they’ll be destroyed by the mail sorting machines…perhaps not literally, but they wouldn’t look good.

If you’re using them in a folder, or handing them directly to people I guess the thin sizes would work, and they have the added benefit of being able to be folded… but if you’re passing these out by themselves or leaving them on doors then 10pt+ is definitely the way to go…they’ll stay rigid and looking good. 10pt still flexes pretty easily too if you need to put them in tight spaces. I usually go 14pt.

I’m no printing expert, just lessons I’ve learned from ordering the wrong things.

i just looked at a past order of doorhangers and they were 100lb paper.

i was not happy with them at all, your right, they were the same thickness as a newspaper…

ill stick with the 14pt postcards…

I prefer the super heavy stuff! -

As a side note, I would love to try and beat there print quote.

and i’d rather give you the business…

its $410.40 for 5000.

let me know what you can do, ill order through you next time

Yea me too :slight_smile:

5000 regular sized postcards for some rediculously low price. Somewhere around $97 I think, maybe $117 I’ll have to check. But I’ll be doing some door hangers soon and will run the price by you guys.

Hey guys, if you ever need a quote just shoot me an e-mail at We can pretty much match or beat any GotPrint price on there.