Got some learning to do

Hey Folks,Jumped right in to the forum and maybe did an intro and a couple questions a few months back, but I don’t remember. Working in northern Wisconsin. Started my business full time right off the bat with very little technical experience a year ago this past June. Opportunity and necessity kind of forced my hand into starting this way. Not what I would recomend, but, hey, it is what it is. I’m still here and doing well 15 months later so I must be dong something right.

Started with commercial ceilings, windows, tile and grout cleaning and color sealing a year ago this past June. Has evolved into primarily windows, carpets, tile and grout. I’ve done some homework with carpets because I’ve added this over this past winter. However, these last couple weeks I’ve run into situations that have been frustrating enough that I realized I need to bring the same sense of study to window cleaning rather than just going out there doing it, reviewing what worked, and learning as I go.
Not many folks doing window cleaning here in the northwoods of Wisconsin. More carpet cleaners, and virtually all of them are HWE people. I’m using OP and its being well received.
So, thanks for being here.

Welcome Eric. You know me as Phil R at our CC’ing board.

Good group here. Less user friendly than the other BB but plenty of solid info.

Chris, the owner of this BB also sells supplies.

You’ll find your way around here soon enough but feel free to ask, read, post and get involved.

As usual, lemme know if I can help in any way.

This group pulls no punches. :slight_smile:

HEY!!! It’s uncle Phil here.