So in my efforts to create my first dm campaign, i chose gotprint(dininitely lowest cost), but they havent been very easy to work with. I used a template from the WCRA store, edited it myself, but still had to upload this thing like 25 times since monday. Then we have the 2-5 day turn around to print, then the 3 day shipping, seems like my postcards wont go out till october…great :mad:. Good learning experience, but im stressing cause late sept. - early october seems too late. Hopefully we still see some results.

That’s not too late

i have another campaign planned for mid oct, just to get a few more touches… but really Larry, not too late? im in MN, we can see snow in Nov

Hmm… sorry for the bad experience. I always have easy transactions and very fast shipping with GotPrint

My friends own Print Giant here in NJ. Their prices are pretty much the same as GotPrint, but since they are a smaller firm, their customer service is exponentially better.

Tell them Chris See sent you :slight_smile:

Try They are more expensive but will price match. Very good customer service and they usually over print my order by 20%.

I just put an order in last night and opened up the little chat window and told them I got a better price on gotprint. Took them about 5 minutes to verify it then my price was adjusted.

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PrintPlace is great, I do this too and price matching is very easy. I always get more than I ordered too… my last order was 2500 doorhangers and I got almost 4000.

PrintPlace has somewhat slow print times though… they never send anything early, where GotPrint does. I always get gotprint items faster so I use them for postcards and business cards. I’ve had postcards in my hand in as little as 3 days from ordering them.

We’ve always had a good experience with got print…

I have never had 1 problem out of that company.

What is snow?

I’ve had amazing service with WCR plus they price match and they are fast…worth a shot to see if they can match price.