Government buildings

I was in getting my license to do business and noticed how unbelievably dirty the windows were. They guy said they had janitors doing the inside but no one doing the outside. Anyone have any experience in bidding on a job like this. We got the number of the guy we need to call I just want to know if it is a waste of time. They have several buildings with a ton of windows. So normally this would be a very high cost. Do you think they would be willing to pay?

Possibly… You said it was a county building?

My county does. I don’t have that contract, but… you never know until you try.

Your will need commercial insurance on vehicle, large liability and also workman comp. they will go with the cheapest bid. I finally stopped bidding on our county, city buildings every 3 years. I was always thousands over the lowest bid. Jmo

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Any federal building goes to the lowest bidder. I’ve bid on 2 federal buildings downtown Chicago last year, 1 was a 8 story other was a 41 story. Didn’t get either one. You can get a copy of the last bid thru the Freedom of Information Act. That is if it’s a separate contract for the windows. Most Federal buildings, the windows are included in the Janitorial contract.

Yes a County building…actually several. But I just got more info that someone is already doing it. He said he is open to a bid. The thing is he said the window cleaners doing now just “power wash” the buildings along with all of the windows. So he was saying they wash the windows by power washing them. I have never heard of this working well. Does it? He said that’s what they would want done and right now we dont offer power washing especially for 5 huge brick buildings.

Power washing the windows will remove dirt and such, but will cause streaks and water stains on the windows normally. If they want it done right power washing is not the answer. Maybe you could do a few windows for free to show him the difference between the two.