Government contracts... who's got them and how did you win them?

I thought it was 20k. What happened, it was cutting into your profit?


LOL I was just kidding guys, geese… LMFAO…

20K is for AC/Heating contracts LOL…

I’m starting to like this guy.

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More like FORBS

Seems like some folks can take a bath
But can’t take a joke…

wonder what became of Bubba who started the post,i pray hes okay


For winning any type of Government Contract whether it is window cleaning and pressure washing You must understand that what your contract agency is searching for in terms of cash, services, completion, quality, individualism etc. Collect the maximum amount information for a winning Government Proposals.

I have not talked to Bubba for quite a while but last i heard was he moved from HI. Amputation went good but he may have pushed it a bit fast.

They look me up on the web. $3,500.00 profit after lift cost done in 3.5 days

We do work on city, county, state and federal buildings as well as bases. The buildings were mostly invite for bid or word of mouth, which is how we got onto the bases. The buildings are all pains as far as security and scheduling, but still profitable. The federal building as well as bases are a little tougher. You have to typically be searched thoroughly both personal and vehicle which takes a good 45 minutes on a fast day. You have to submit the background check request for each person going a week in advance and hope they get cleared. Some with perfect backgrounds don’t get cleared for some reason sometimes. Next time they will fine. These are both AFB so little stricter on security. Other than that it’s not bad at all, just factor in extra time on them for the hassles. The other factor starting to happen with federal is the national janitorials(not NSP’s). These companies bidding 20% of what any reputable company would. They drive crews around to do these jobs half *** and bolt. They won’t last long but are a pain for now, and they do a terrible job on windows. We have gotten the business to go fix their work a few times.

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You have a huge advantage if you can crack the code. See if your area has a Veteran Business Outreach Center (VBOC) office. They work closely with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and host Boots to Business Reboot classes. I started the two day class yesterday and finish today. It isn’t ground breaking material, but it gives you access to an 8 week class through Syracuse University and they give you a ton of contacts that can help you. Also, the Senior Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) have zero costs to vets. Many of them are vets too and have worked in Government channels. Find a mentor through them that maybe has contract experience. That could be a good start. You have a lot of benefits as a vet if you know where to start looking.