Greasy glass

I spoke with a cafe owner the other day regarding the cleaning of the overhead louvers (I assume you call them louvers in the US) in her cafe. All good but the glass is absolutely caked with bacon fat and chip grease. Has anyone got any ideas how to get this off without leaving smears everywhere? I use GG4, so maybe I could add something to the solution.
I have actually struck this kind of thing before on a residential place we call 'The Glass Oyster Boat ’ (no external walls-yep, that’s right). The insides of the glass had a coating of some sort of thin grease and, man, what a hassle.
Any help is appreciated.

A small touch of ammonia in your solution would prob work.

Hello pork123, first time clean i would double the chems and wet scrape the eintire glass !! Double the price too !! Then get them on a regular mainance program !! Places like this sometimes go for it and sometimes not !! They just don’t clean any thing !! I’'ll bet the carpets bad too !! That figures !!! Let us know how the project goes !! Stan, pro window kleening since 1971

Perhaps a two-step process – a degreaser (such as Simple Green) first, then followed by your standard procedure.

Grease leaves a residue?

Only with GG4. Or was it dish soap?

This is a slippery subject.

My louvres come out. You can just take them out of the spring clips & clean them individually starting at the top. Make a point of not taking any responsibility for breakages or use a waiver. They just scrape clean in your bucket with GG4 for the most perfect result.

My vote goes to Simple Green as well. Try spraying directly on the glass, then scrub w/ the washer. Follow it up w/ a second cleaning w/ your regular solution.

I use GG4, so in cases like this I spray the windows with NIFTI then scrub up as normal.

Nice suggestions guys. Theres 36 louvres, all above head height. What is an average price for doing louvres in th US? I’m thinking of charging between $2.50 to $3/louver.

How long do you suspect each will take??

this isn’t your typical job…its a specialist kind of job…unique…

So i think that you can name any price really.

and if its rejected at least you won’t have to deal with all that grease.

Personally i would charge slightly more…i hope i am thinking of the same type of louvres btw

They are around 60 cm long and 10 cm wide. I think I’ll charge somehing like $3.50 now and like you said, if she says no I won’t have to deal with it.