Great Customer Service -- WCR, Alex

Unloaded my RHG cart this morning to discover a broken fitting. I did not think I had a spare, so I snapped a photo and sent it to Alex with the request to overnite me a pair (I’ve got 9 buildings to clean!)

Alex, as usual, replied immediately that he was working on the request.

I know there are scores of such stories among WCR customers.

I want to thank WCR and Alex for their continued world-class customer service.

I called Alex today to ask him a quick question about the Aqua Adapter I just got. He didn’t answer and it went to his voice mail. Can you believe that?! Buuuuuut, before I could leave a message I had to switch lines because he was calling me back.

Way to go, Alex! Thanks for the help today and whenever I need it…

PS- WCR really knows how to get me. I couldn’t resist that Aqua Adapter sale the other day, and while I was at it I bought a couple Flipfast’s.

Hey thanks for reminding me! My FlipFast came today and I still need to put it on.

No prob. I needed some chems for a job next week, so I actually ordered a couple more Flipfast’s today cause they are pretty dang cool. WCR got me again!

I ordered a few things on the 4th of July to take advantage of the free shipping. I was a bonehead and did not see where to put in the free shipping code and at check out I was charged for shipping. An email on the holiday to see what they could do and both Chris and Alex got back to me and the shipping charge was refunded to my account. I’d say above and beyond what is usual, especially on a holiday. Thanks again guys, You are the only place I will buy my equipment.

Wcr ftw!

for the win? lol

YouTube - ‪MC Chris - FTW!‬‏