Great priced simple R/O and carbon filter.. Any comments?

Anyone got any info on this R/O unit
Claims 1000 gallons a day and the filters and membranes are a great price.
Whole unit delivered is around $600.

I see Gardiners in the UK sell it and they usually don’t sell junk

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That would be plenty of water for me. Four gallons lasts me for over half an hours work bcause my water is off most of the time. Doesn’t take as much water as people in the USA use to clean a window. If it didn’t work Gardiner wouldn’t like it.

… Do you wet the glass and then shut the water off when scrubbing? Do you use aquatap/aquadapter or just pinch the hose?

Ya … Wet the glass and shut it off

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I use a small ball valve like a carpet cleaner

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how many gallons will it flow before the filter/resin have to be replaced? As with most business purchases, the initial purchase price is not the biggest consideration. How much will it cost the business to own/operate over the depreciation period (5 to 7 years)?

I bought a cheapy printer to carry in my truck for estimates/invoices. The replacement ink cartridge cost more
than the printer.

When I bought the Perazzi MX8 shotgun for my daughter when she started competitive shooting, I thought the 10 grand I spent was the expensive part…boy was I wrong