Great site

My name is Dave, just discovered this site two days ago. What a resource for information! My business is in the Southern Calif. area. (Perfect Pane)
I’m a one-man operation, and 70% of my business is in CCU. (not just windows, I detail these custom homes inside and out for “moved in quality”.
I’m not posting a question, just wanted to introduce myself.

Hey David

Welcome aboard…

Welcome David! What part of So.Cali are you in? Im out in So West Riverside county.

How long you been doing CCU’s?

Holla and welcome

Welcome, From Boston

Welcome to the forum, we look forward to hearing from you more.

Craig, I’m down in the Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and Rossmoor areas. I live in Los Alamitos so these are all within 10 miles. Got into CCU about 7 years ago. A contractor offered me the opportunity to “detail out” the whole house after I had done the windows and the service seemed to be a “shoe in” along with window cleaning. If anyone is thinking of getting into this, let me know and I can go into more detail.

Dave Regan - Perfect Pane Construction Clean-up.

Cool! Ahh yes… good ol Los Alamitos one of my old stomping grounds back in the day:D

We live on OC for awhile,actually lived in Garden Grove,Rossmoor Los Al was just a ride up Lampson or Katella

Whats up Dave, I actually did a job in Rossmoor a week ago. Got family who live out in Los Al and teach at Los Al high. Welcome to the boards you will like it here.

Craig you must miss the beach bro?!!! But Canyon Lake is a good substitute. As long as your next to a nice body of water. Man ive been trying to get my friend who knows a friend, whos a friend of a friend, kind of deal to get us in there to Bass fish. I heard the fishing is sick out there.