Greenville, SC Meet & Greet Thursday eve

Greenville, SC Meet & Greet Thursday eve.
We are having a meet and greet for those interested in soft washing or business consulting services. at the Red Robin in Greenville, SC on Thursday eve. Starts at 7:00 pm. Ive been doing these all across the nation as I travel so lets see how many contractors we can get there.

Who is coming???


I would be there since it’s only 45 miles away but I’ve got a gig in Williamsburg, VA and will be leaving Thursday. Wish I could be there!

I’m looking forward to this.

My wife and I should be there. Enjoyed your presentation in NOLA, AC!

Looking forward to seein you again, Micah!

Cool Michael!

I spoke to Len Sutton from Sea to Summit, he says he’ll be there too.

The Red Robin is right on the corner of 85 and Woodruff Road… in the Greenridge Shopping area.

Don’t confuse it with the Red Robin gas station that’s also on Woodruff Road a few blocks down…

Thanks Micah!

AC, how long you think we’ll be at Red Robin? Thanks!

Hey Mike lets carpool? I’ll throw in on gas.

Taking Heather up with me early, gonna get a little date out of it. No offense, but you would probably ruin the ambience. Hope to see you there though!

A fun time was had by all.


Yep, where were ya Michael? You missed out.

Wife ended up leaving work early sick…figured no matter how good AC is, driving 3+ hours away would not have been worth it.

Sorry to hear that, and I bet you’re right. Don’t worry though, I ate enough onion rings for the both of ya.

I bet he’ll be in Atlanta within a few months.

Ill drive up next week if dinner at the wilks house is in it. or maybe lady and sons.


If that’s all it’ll cost me to pick your brain for a couple hours, I’m in. :slight_smile:

maybe a little fishin too…

AC im down. I’m 30 min from Mike.

If Justin’ll cover the fishing, I’ll cover Paula Deen comfort food. :slight_smile:

September full moon, flood tide, tailing reds???