Greetings From Sunco Window Cleaning


Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I am Brian Sauls and I own Sunco Window Cleaning located in Bluffton,SC. We are family owned and operated and provide add on work including power washing(deep clean and soft wash), gutter cleaning,gutter guard installations, roof blow offs, hard water stain removal, construction clean up,wood and concrete deck sealing, monthly pool maintenance, pool pump and filter repair and installation,above ground pool sales and construction and finally vinyl pool liner sales and installation. All of our services are available for our commercial and residential clients. We carry extensive insurance to meet the demands of our commercial and plantation related work.

I have been reading these forums for over a year now and value the information immensely. I love cleaning windows and growing our business. I handle many facets of our business and enjoy what I do to the max. We order all of our products from WCR and love the site. So in a nutshell I am glad to be on board and look forward to joining in some conversation. I spend most of my forum time in the marketing area as this is what gets my juices flowing.

Wow. What dont you do? Lol. Welcome

Sounds like your bizzy! Welcome

Welcome Brian


Welcome, Brian. Same town as Justin Alvarez, huh?

Welcome to the site!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Yes, also same town I do about 60% of my work in, though I’m based about 40 mins away.

Welcome, Brian. Let’s grab coffee soon.

Sounds good Michael. I have never sat down with another window cleaner so would be nice to talk shop. I am on a commercial job all next week and the rest of this one. But the week of March 1st I will be around Bluffton,HHI most of the time. Judging from your phone number we may have grown up in the same place. I am from Hampton.

I noticed that. My folks live in Early Branch. Know the place?

Oh yea my Grandparents lived in Yemasee. I grew up in Hampton and then moved to Columbia for school. Finished up my degree and moved back and somehow ended up cleaning windows for a living. Now I live in Bluffton to concentrate on the business and be closer to work.

You go to Carolina for school?


Cocks!! Yes sir I was there for 5 years(took a little longer than expected).Season ticket holder and overall typical obsessed Gamecock fan.

Nice! Heather (my wife) and I saw Auburn, El Cid, and Clemson this year at Williams-Brice, plus went to Orlando for the beat down of Nebraska.

Well now I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

For sure. Anything I can do to help another squeegee brother and Gamecock sounds like a good deal. Be nice to have a friend in the business instead of someone trying to cut my throat.

There’s a lot of losers here, for sure. I could name names, but I gotta get some sleep. haha.

I’ll text you next time I’m out your way. Look forward to hanging out.

Sounds Great!

Michael, loves the gamecocks almost as much as Obama :slight_smile:

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