Hello everyone. My name is BJ. I’m cleaning on a very part time basis. I’ve read many of the posts and they have been very helpful. Thanks! I have a question. A friend of mine lives in a very old home. Lots of work has been done by many owners over the years. He has a group of windows that are “stained”. Looks like they were possibly sprayed with something that was used to strip, clean, or seal nearby woodwork. The “stains” are almost a blue-ish tint.

Any ideas? Are the windows ruined?

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Again, thanks for all the great info you’re putting out on the boards.

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Oh and sorry I don’t know about the window stains, any chance you could get a pic?

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Can definitely take some pics. Not sure if they’ll show up. Thanks.


I was at a tire shop the other week and noticed that the windows have a stained look as well. There is tint on the inside so I figured it was old tint that had some abrasion spots from people kicking the door or people dragging tires in and out of the entrances…basically the windows have scuff marks all over them. Now I don’t know if this would work in your position but it worked wonders for me. Someone mentioned mineral spirits to remove the stains in the windows (looked like abrasion scuffs on tint) and it came right out!!!

thanks matt. will give it a try.

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You’ll find a lot of good info here. Somewhere. One or two posts about something window cleaning related. But they are rare. :slight_smile:

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windows are never ruined until they are broken. ANY pane can be restored…but at what cost.