Grocery stores

I am in the process of giving a bid to a chain of grocery stores in my area. I was wondering what is the best way to price these kinds of jobs with the best potential of getting a bite? Do you bring the price way down or what? What some one charge for a place with 14 square windows around 2’ by 3’ each. and then 2 door areas both with a transom and some side windows beside the doors. Keeping in mind there are at least 20 stores in this chain. Also let me know what you would charge for something like that if you were just getting the one store alone. Thanks!

read about pricing procedures and that will help.

Are you cold calling on the chain or did they ask for a bid? Do they have a present service provider. Is it an annual contract? What amount of insurance is required? Do you have it? Do you know what is actually being cleaned versus what is being requested. Did you stop by the stores to check and see what type of quality is being done and purchased? Why are they changing or asking for pricing? Do you have any relationship with the client? Is the decision made at the store or district level? Do you know if there is another service that is really important to them that perhaps you can fulfill? Perhaps…

There are several factors that impact your understanding of the customer’s expectations. To ask what price is an indicator that you may be stepping off on the wrong foot. Price is only one of the negotiable items and may not be the most important to the potential client. Doing your homework beforehand is important. If you can answer all these questions then you can start thinking about price. Price is down the line a little for a corporate account. Remember, you are a service provider who happens to wash windows. You need to know what the service is they really want. Price is much later in the process. Do you have a price structure or are you shooting from the hip? Do you clean any other mufti-location corporate accounts. What else do you wash that is similar?

yeah, what he said.

yeah, what he said.