Growing residential customers

Greetings everyone, I have owned my business for 10 months. We have been very blessed with the amount of work we have gotten to do in that time frame. I was wondering for people who live in areas with population size of 500,000 what has been most successful for getting new residential customers. I have done some marketing some of the upscale golf course communities.
I appreciate all feedback. Thank you.

Neighborhood email lists work the best for me. Nothing better than your own customers advertising for you!

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Word of mouth is very powerful, so apps like Nextdoor work very well. Angie’s List can help if you do things carefully. You can try community bulletin boards as well.

Word of mouth. As others have said, it is free…you can’t beat it. People can be very persuasive FOR you.

website with shopping cart
lots of 5 star reviews.
flyers and door knocking

I have had a lot good reponses with door hangars. Spend the extra money and put together a quality hangar. A lot of hoofing it through town but for every job you get you can count on word of mouth spreading