Spring is here folks… and I know youve planning, plotting, and scheming all winter to have a killer explosive spring. What level growth are you planning to achieve this year?

Not your dream scenario, but your educated guess based on the work you have put in. Revenue increase from 2011 over 2010.

I am hoping to straight murder it in 2011. Nothing is going to hold me back from pure domination. WFP is on the way, fliers are ready to be sent…success is my only option…failure is not.

The written goal is 30% but I voted for 20% as the other wasn’t an option. Frankly I am crappy on the management side of things for 50%+ growth, just my opinion. Ulitmatly our years growth will come down to holiday lighting and I vowed to the guys to have double the workers in 2011 for it.

I spent too much money last year on items, storage sheds, new vehicles, two new pressure washers, tools from WCR. Frankly I need to see more money in my pocket.

We doubled marketing from 2009 in 2010 and intend to do the same this year. Don’t care if I spend money there

I’d be totally content with 10%

Everything I’ve added this year will put me higher than that I’m sure.

Think 20% is probably a good possibility.

I voted for 10% but would be happy with more.:wink: As far as spring and summer go, I’m usually swamped with enough work to keep me going six days a week most of the time. It is the fall season that I need to improve upon so that I have better funds for the winter.

why aim for 10 or 20% growth…if you aim higher you are more likely to hit that then a low %…because with 10 or 20% goal of growth you are really just staying even…do to losing customers, or they don’t want as much done or what ever reason…

I view growth differently. Probably a couple ways to look at it. If I grow 20% that means I made 20% more than what I did the previous year factoring in lost customers. I expect atleast 10% but voted for 20% :wink:

I hope the guy/gal who voted for 200% is in their first or second year. Guess it’s possible going into year 3 as well. I did it!!

Since we are in a new market in addition to our old market and having added 3 employees, I am looking to to be around 5x’s what I did by myself last year. Kinda exciting growing at this rate, but also a little overwhelming at times

i plan to double this year. i’m basing this on a few things:

  1. we grew 38% last year. for a mature (18 years) service company in a less than stellar economy to do that without a lot of specific effort in that direction, it made me actively contemplate the areas we could have been more effective. i’ll be honest, i’ve been coasting. time to get busy again.

  2. i’ve got good people in key positions, operations manager, inhouse accountant, staff mechanic, etc. for everything i used to do that someone else can do, i’ve hired someone to do it. but nobody can sell to my clients and prospects like i can, because nobody cares about it as much as i do.

  3. i finally have good competitors in my service area that are doing a good job educating potential clients on the importance of a quality service company. it’s no longer just me and a couple beer money guys, so i don’t have to explain nearly as often why tommy’s pressure washing charges $49 on a job i’m quoting at $250. my competition’s ad dollars help do that for me. every time a local competitor runs an ad extolling roof cleaning or writes a website explaining the importance of insurance, my prospects get smarter and i make more money.

  4. Home « BIDSLOT tell april i sent you. no, seriously, tell her that. we found out how well bidslot works for window cleaners. how about a 28-to-1 roi on annualized revenue?

  5. it’s better to aim too high and miss than aim too low and hit.

oh yeah…

  1. pigheaded discipline and determination.

I see the 200% growth levels, ambitious buggers huh? :slight_smile: I hope you reach your goals!

Proud to be one of your “competitors” helping the market around here. Think it’s good for everyone and we all win. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me.


I am very happy to see that no has selected “no growth” and a few of you have selected 200% growth… Thats really awesome! At ACWC we are looking at about a 10% over last year projected. Im happy with that. @ WCR though, we are looking to quadruple last year.

I’m currently at 60% - so I ticked that.

Considering 2010 was my first year, and I kind-of let things go with the flow while getting my steeze together, I’m expecting 60% growth. Any more than that and I will be a little TOO swamped :slight_smile:

The real goal this year… 1 home per day, 5 days a week, April through Christmas Eve (well, count 1 week in August off for my Euro surfing safari :).

Last March I was in the field cleaning for 12 hours, this March I’m already putting in 12 hour days! That’s a good sign !

Love it, Brian.

I already believe that you’re going to reach this goal.

We doubled our our gross revenue last year. I am ready to knock some serious hours down to be were I need and should be.
We are projecting doubling again this year with the plan we have in place. We we are going to do it. I’m serious.

I picked over 200% growth. Its real easy to do since Im only in my second year. I’ve already had a killer February and March is closing out nice. Over 50 homes cleaned in the last 60 days and I have double the amount of storefront work (that Im behind on).

I have a new 2010 work van, 2 new part timers, most of the equipment I desire, a great scheduling system, an efficient crew and a solid growth plan in place.

I kind of feel unstoppable right now.

Have you been reading the Knack Brian?