Gum Removal

On a commercial pressure washing job today for a regular customer. The manager said it but i didnt pay attention when I got the message that he’s really most interested in getting the gum up. I don’t get too many requests like this so I never researched it fully. Now I’m in a little bit of a jam where I need the answers asap. Anyone with any experience with gum removal from concrete?

Yeah, ,actually I’ve got one parking lots worth a long time ago. I didn’t use soap and the boss brought his pressure washer in from home. It was chipping concrete out from under the gum. He came back when I was done and was a little on the other side of happy let’s say. Little divots all over his parking lot… I only saved my job by saying “At least I make bad ass donuts” lol. That was a long time ago. Kk, story time over. I’m sure your getting what I’m saying.

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Goof off and a scraper or putty knife. Let the goof off sit for a few, scrape then wash off.


You really want hot water. I do this every week.

25 or 40 degree tip. 25 preferably. Definitely not 0, but i think you know that. Just had to say it.

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Just be careful of etching it. Especially if you are using cold water.

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Anyone ever try this?

Yes…not that exact product but I cleaned carpets years ago and used a freezing spray like
that on gum and it worked well. I think hot hotwater with your pw would do the trick or prespray with a solvent of some kind.

So @IronLionZion what process did you use on the gum removal and how where the results?

I wasn’t able to get it off with my cold water machine.

You need hot water.


I tried so many things on one of the first ever commercial jobs I did so I didn’t have to spend money on renting a hot water unit.

Goof off
Coca Cola
Cold water PW nearly parallel with the ground to get underneath it.
Heat gun and putty knife.

Then I sucked it up and rented a hot water unit after making next to no progress and wasting 8 hours on a “strip” mall with two units. A beauty supply and a discount cigarette place absolutely littered with gum.

Rented the hot water unit and made all of $50 bucks because I bid the job wrong. Way wrong. Anyway, long story short it took me about 90 minutes with a rented hot water unit. Kinda embarrassing to think about now actually.

Hot water pressure washer is the only real answer.