Gutter cleaning estimates

Dumb question, when you guys are measuring for a gutter cleaning estimate, how are you doing it? Do you use a measuring tape on a wheel, guesstimate etc… And how do you figure in say dormers with gutters or any other portion of the house running front to back thats in the middle part of the house. Thanks

I use a wheel. Dont buy the lufkin one from home depot that has the big wheel (or lowes, I dont remember which). Went through 3 of them in two years. I have a smaller one that works great. Estimate the parts that you cant pace off. If you have a 10 foot section, you should be able to estimate the 3 foot sections that you cant measure

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Since the OP already opened up a thread and his question was answered… I guess it ok to ask a question my self?

Do you guys price gutter cleaning differently for example… I get calls from people who need there gutters clean before it rains…(mulch and debri is dry) easy to clean even with a blower.

I get people who call after a storm or during a storm… And now (mulch is wet heavy and it has to be hand picked) PITA!!!

Generally would you guys charge the same? Or more?

Just gathering info to start up a GC/WC in the spring. Interesting question, would love to see the replies…

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Yes I charge the same

Why not start GC now? Dirt cheap to get set up and this is prime time for it.

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go out and make some easy $$$ :smiley:

I did my second gutter job ever this week. Made 175/hour…That’s serious dough for a one-man show! Don’t wait until spring if you can help it, but DO service your new REPEAT CUSTOMERS in the spring!!

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Standard normal walking stride of a Human is 3 feet. I generally use a tape measure, or walk it off if it is longer than my tape measure of 30 feet. Hard to reach places I estimate. I used to charge a couple of different prices for minor and major cleanups. Now it is one set price for ladder, cleanup, bagging, and carting debris off the premises. Easy sloppy money.

i don’t measure. seems like a waste of time to me. just eyeball the house, figure your time, and calculate your dollars/man hour from that. you might miss on a few at first, but eventually you’ll be on point with your pricing every time.

then you can start quoting over the phone based off a view from bing or google maps. not having to look at the job in person increases your profit margin, and you’ll close more jobs when you can give a firm number over the phone right away.

Thanks for your input fellas, good points there.

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I’ll piggyback Calebs comment…
[B]Get To Know Your Area’s!
Example: As a walking, talking, citizen, you already know Metropolis City has more money/bigger houses than Gotham City.
As you get more jobs in each area, shrink that familiarity to a smaller radius.

Meaning, don’t let GPS just take you to the job, get to know the way you got there, and look at the neighborhood.

Then, as you get other jobs, you’ll automatically know that Pine Street is just a block over from Oak Street.
(right by the middle school)
And they are the exact same size houses.

But those houses on Vine Street?
You know, on the other end of the neighborhood?
They are a motherfu… double the size.

Some people roll their eyes when others talk about ‘experience’ but that’s the kind of stuff “time served” will bring you.
So, might as well start NOW, while you are fresh.

I have a set pricing system set up for home “xxx sq ft and under” then another system for over that sq footage.

It’s worked out fine, I can keep my prices competitive but still in the higher side. Having this system also allows me to do each estimate over the phone. I save time, gas, and stress from measuring.

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Thanks gents, great ideas… I would love to get started now… I don’t have a name yet or insurance or a ladder even. I guess I could get some quick fliers made and let customers know that spring will be my, for lack of better terms, “grand opening”. Can use " soft opening" for now

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I only look at 5% of my jobs in person before doing them, the other 95% I get a good enough idea from the internet. I figure an estimate will take me 30-60 minutes to travel and do, worse case a job if I am WAY off which I rarely am will take an extra hour so it is a wash and I can adjust the price the following year. I just use Bing and Google Maps, for most homes you can get a really good idea, especially if there is street view and you can look at the back of the home from the street behind the house.

Just another tidbit - bing maps is way better than Google (i can’t believe I just said that) for this type of activity.

The birds eye view gives you an isometric 360 of the house, very useful.

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I love exact figures, but I don’t care to measure for gutters. If I’m there I’ll price it based on experience. If I’m doing it over the phone or aerial view, still based on experience. One thing I’ve been pretty good about remembering to ask is there there are guards on the gutters. That changes things, especially if they don’t work as promised. A lot more time and vexation for me at least.