Gutter Cleaning Inspection DIY Tool


Crafty Luke!

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Pretty neat!

Chris I think @luke3636 needs a real WCR shirt that bedazzled one drives me crazy!

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yup it will work, been doin it for 2 years. i’ve just been using the belt clip to hold it on my reach it mini. if you tilt the camera so it’s looking a bit forward you get better perspective and its easier to get a good view of the whole length in case you wobble off course a little. also the angle adapter helps when you have to be closer of further back.
good video as usual luke.

That’s a good idea. Are you primarily using that for a video inspection of the gutters while you are on a jobsite (upsell) or, are you using for estimates that are solely for gutter cleaning. Just wondering what you would charge for an inspection fee if it ends up that the gutters don’t need to be cleaned afterall.

personally i have thought of offering “inspections” also but have not. i usually use it to scout out a 2 storey job before starting.

I’m not to sure yet. Just came up with it. May just use it for estimates and not charge. Idk yet