Gutter Season in the North East

Do many of you window cleaners do much gutter cleaning?

I live in a rural, foothills community with lots of oak, cedar, and pine trees.

I always market gutter cleaning, and recommend at least twice (Spring and Fall) a year to my customers where appropriate.

This is definitely a growing add-on service for for me in terms of revenue. For first-time customers, it also provides me with an opportunity to discuss window cleaning.

As much as I don’t like doing gutter cleaning it brings in a lot of bucks. Window Cleaning comes first so 99% of my gutter clients also get their windows cleaned too.

Gutter cleaning is a great add on. As long as you do a better job than whoever serviced the client before you, you will have a customer for life. Gutter cleaning is a super money maker.

For me gutter cleaning makes a slow December much more profitable. I try to get all my window clients to think about gutters at least in the fall.

I clean gutters for most of my regular client’s that have trees and gutters. Also bid 3 gutter jobs this week and also looks like new window client’s.

I was cleaning gutters long before windows and will always offer it to all customers.

Right on Alex it is a nice stream of revenue.

I’ve just started gutter cleaning this year. I don’t want to go any higher than 2 stories. I also prefer roofs that I can walk. So far most of the junk that I’ve been removing is wet so it’s not that pleasant. Because gutter cleaning (and roof walking) can be more dangerous that window cleaning, I’m very selective in the houses that I will do. My goal this fall is to find pocket neighborhoods that have homes that I could do perhaps 80-90% of them. And then just flier like mad. I’ve been pricing at around $70 per hour. The average homes I’ve done has been around $120.

[QUOTE=Beautiful View;11917]I I don’t want to go any higher than 2 stories.

Why is that Mark?

I now it is a pain carrying and setting up a forty foot ladder.

In my area there are alot of two story houses with a walkout back ie. three stories that need gutter cleaning.

I also have a $200 minimum when the big ladder comes out.


Why is that Mark?

I know it is a pain carrying and setting up a forty foot ladder. [/QUOTE]

I have some height issues. I feel pretty safe doing windows up to 3 story max (also depends on style of home) and gutter cleaning up to 2 story.(again depends on style of home.) Between height issues and working alone, I’d much rather lean on the side of caution. Majority of homes in Toronto are bungalows and 2 stories. Older Victorian homes and new town homes are quite often 3 stories. I’ll leave those for the other guys. :wink:

Oh I see.

It would be nice to not do them here either however there are so many of them I did not want to leave this market untapped cause it make alot of dough.

Hey Mark I added some things I wouldn’t leave home without to your putting tools together post. I read that you don’t want to do add ons but it is really easy and inexpensive to upsell. Just something to think about.

Yeah I saw that, good stuff. I have some of the items you mentioned like cordless drill and self taping screws for repairing gutters.

I want to see how this fall season goes and how I feel about gutters after that. Then I’ll look into gutter zap or comparable product. Ah, maybe sooner than that. Hehe