Gutter Tools

Our guys use gutter cleaning scoops that can be held in your hand or screwed on the end of a pole. They work great, the little holes keep the water in the gutter from splashing around when you drag it through the muck. They help keep your hands clean and come in real handy this time of year when the water in the gutter can be very near freezing. Heres a picture of what I’m talking about. I would recommend the black ones tho, they are stronger and last longer.

I also use the black ones Chris. They are great time savers as I can clean a long section from my ladder. Also those times when I can walk the roof I put it on a short pole and it saves my back.

I use a Cesta. It’s one of those wicker basket gloves used in the game of Jai Alai.

Just kidding. :smiley: The gutter scoop is a good tool. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. You never know what kind of nasty bacteria is lying in a gutter.

Speaking of lying in a gutter, has anyone heard from Terry lately?

I was wondering about him the other day. Baby time?

We use those spoons as well on an extention pole. I would recommend using the black ones over the orange ones. Much more heavy duty. If you do buy the black ones, do yourself a favor and spray them with white spray paint (they now make it for plastic). I lost a lot of them before I started doing that. My guys would forget them on the jobsite all the time. I might lose 1-2 a year now compared to 6-8 with out the spray paint. They blend in really well with mulch and piles of leaves when you leave them black.


Thats a great idea to paint them so there more visible. because Ive gotta be Toms (supply) best customer with those.
Little story - went to a job a few weeks ago and found my good Garelick with a scoop on it up in a valley out of sight. EX employee left quite a trail of my equipment around. ARRRGH!!!

The tool negligence drives me frickin nuts too! If my guys had to buy this stuff 2-3 times over, It sure would stop overnight I would bet money on that! Extention poles are the worst! They lean them in a corner at someones home and it gets left behind. I always take it back to the truck or lean it against my ladder.