Gutter whitening tools

I have over a thousand dollars worth of gutter face to clean next week. We have often used a 12" applicator with a long pole dipped into our gutter cleaning chem and scrub and rinse with the xjet. I ordered a couple of Marxoff to help speed up the work. I am thinking my shoulders will give out before I’m finished if I use the old applicator method.

Anyone use the Marxoff with good results? Any other suggestions that would be faster than the old applicator method?

what are you using on the gutters Jared?

We use a soft bristle truck washing brush. Those marxoff pads were designed for homeowner single-use. Not really, but they don’t last very long.

I don’t care for the marx off. I tried it this last spring and it’s sat in the box ever since. I don’t think it applies even pressure to the entire gutter face. I use a flow thru brush on a pole. I dip the brush in the solution, scrub about 5-10 ft or so, and rinse. I works really well with f13. And I don’t use any sort of hose on the flow thru brush.
And I use a non marking plastic brush, not the wood.

Thanks Ryan. That is about as far as I get with the old applicator technique. I am hoping to do less scrubbing on the gutter. Jim, we use our degreaser from our flat work pressure cleaning. It is less expensive than the f13 per ga. We buy in bulk so it works well for us and cleans up beautifully.