Gutter Whitening

My 2nd favorite $ making add on after Rainflow

// Whitening Demo - YouTube


Nice video.

Have you tried downstreaming the chemical onto the gutters? I can downsteam with my pressure washer, allow for dwell time, and then follow up with a low pressure rinse without brushing. A few problem areas may need to be brushed, such as around the downspouts. The elbows of the downspouts almost always, but it sure beats brushing the entire length of gutter.

Yeah, our guys can get away with that if its a repeat job or if the gutters are kinda new and the stain hasn’t been there for too long.

Was there also a WC’ing service (afterward) on this particular job?

Chris/Alex, what do you charge for gutter whitening, and what else does Gutter Zap work on??

To answer Larry, no there was not. Ron (the guy in the video) even tried to talk the homeowner into a straight up PW. No interest in that… and I don’t believe there was any WC associated with this particular job.

Linda. I’m not 100% sure about the price. I think its like $2.75 per foot. And that price can go up and down depending on the height of the gutter.
And I’m not sure what else Gutter Zap works on. I can look into it for you.