Gutter Zap a no go in the cold, Help!

We have a few more gutter whitening jobs to get done this fall. We found out today that gutter zap does not work in the cold. Does anyone know of a product that will do the same job that gutter zap does, but in cold weather?

Try this Product Gutterwhiting

Dougy are you link baiting?

Thanks, that couldn’t have been any less helpful!

I have heard of people using this product F-13 Gutter Grenade seems some like it more than the Gutter Zap. Good luck!

I was referring to the warm weather in Sunny Southern california… Chris i would never Link Bait, i have more taste than that…

Yes Doug. I know what you were refering to. Again, could you be any less helpful?

i mentioned gutter whitening to my cousin who used to have a college pro franchise… he mentioned they used to do gutter whitening as well but he used “formula 409”. thats what i heard but i could also be less helpful than doug on this one :slight_smile:

Maybe we can mix them together and see what happens.

i quit using gutter zap a while ago. go to your local hardward store and see if they have Might Boss…all purpose product. i’ve had great results with it each time i’ve used it. it is NOT sold at home depot or lowes

good luck.

The guy that owns gutter zap co. told me that it indeed won’t work well when temps are around 55 degrees or have been below that. Gutter Zap does contain sodium hydroxide and some butyl. I do know sodium hydroxide is an alkaline and doesn’t react as well in cooler temps in removing the tar or water mix with tar from the shingles of the gutter. Since tar is oil based, it doesn’t react too well with alkalines when it is cool.
I assume f-13 is similar as well in chemical content. If it isn’t I’d like to know. Thats all I know.

Define cold Linda, It’s not that cold here yet , so do you mean below freezing, and would it be possible to mix in some Isoprophyl alcohol to stop it freezing
That may be even less helpful that the other two:o

i love science experiments! :slight_smile: just mix a bunch of “s” together and see what happens haha

How far away from me do you live , exactly ?

who? me? or aintjemama?

You win!!! Thank you. that info helps a lot.

You Nick, I live in N. Weymouth, so mix those chemicals in small amounts first

haha i was only kidding. n. weymouth isnt far i just bought a house in hull… im not mixing any chemicals together… i still cant bring myself to use the cc550 haha

No Problem Linda, I might see you in Reno, so watch your back…

Linda, is it possible to warm the GZ before you use it? That might help.