My wfp supplier was demonstrating a “gutterkeeper” to me the other day…

Ive never heard of these before…

but to me they look like “the wfp of gutters”

I’d like to hear more about these, as im getting pretty involved in gutter cleaning

anyone had any experience in working with these?

what are your thoughts on them?

Is that made by Ionic? I was just looking at there’s the other day it looks identical… but there’s is called the upkeeper. 3500 pounds…

I like the idea of it quite a bit, but I would like to see one in action.

It seems like this is a better add on service then just installing RainFlow once…You can clean their gutters ever time you service their house.

How does it deal with wet debris and gunk that’s been sitting in the gutter for years? You know, the stuff you gotta literally scrape out, not just scoop out or blow out.

I’ve seen videos on youtube of the other brand of the same machine, upkeeper as Chris said I think, but is a glorified vacuum to me. And as other mentioned in other forums you have to get on a ladder to check your work no matter what.

It costs between 4-5K, depending the volume of work that you handle it could be a good investment, but not for me at least.

Setup and cleaning time, plus gas, special collection bags … all adds up, and if you do it from a ladder and you know what you’re doing, you will be faster and more profitable without doubt, and you’ll be putting only labor, no materials.

Yes from what i can see this is also made by ionic…my distributor solely distributes ionic.

as far as i am aware we are talking about the same machine.the official name is the gutterkeeper from upkeeper.

Here’s a video of it in action…it seems better than i first expected, then again this is a demo video presumably made by the manufacturer!!!

Any news on how the Gutter Keeper works?

In the PNW we deal with a lot of pine needles and even more rain. Hence, gutter cleaning is a huge part of our business.

I’m most interested in not having to deal with the safety/wcb regulatory issues of having employees clean gutters by hand.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

just watching that video was not selling me. looks like it takes to long. but a interesting prototype none the less.

What about sticks and pod like seeds that locust trees give off. No way that tube can suck that stuff up from from what I could see from the video.


Gutter Keeper is offering “professional consultant” discounts so the price is lowered to roughly $3700 plus shipping.

Apparently they will custom manufacture parts if you have suggestions for improvements at no additional charge.

Still hoping to hear from somebody who has experience sucking up the wet muck we get in the PNW!

call the company that sells the gutter keeper. He sounds like a salesman. I would love to talk to someone who has purchased one but I can’t find anyone? No used ones for sale either? So maybe they are really good because no one is selling or can’t find a used one becasue no one is buying new ones! I think these would be much quicker than moving a ladder 4 feet and cleaning by hand IF they work Just want an honest review of these before I invest 4k.