Hack Your Own Chemical Product

I want to make available to you every chemical, syn-det, superabrasive powder, compositional abrasive, and more that I discover. This is a work in progress to say the least. To begin with I would like to offer the silica powder I use in the SKRUB product. Also some pure glycerin. This way you can come up with some different creations yourself.

As these become available I will list them on my blog. Should do some videos too.

So you can hack your own products. Please tell me what you think about this!


My brother, I would GLADLY pay you for the stuff you come up with and supply…and I think most other guys here would too, and you deserve it! I don’t know what age group you’re in, but our bodies break down over time! (:wink:) You’re like the Jimmy Neutron of window cleaning, Why not set up a distributorship or something?..You could share your incredible knowledge, plus make a decent living.

You’re not far from Warwick NY, maybe you could support yourself and go up there from time to time? Giving away your products and knowledge is like doing windows for free…It’s REALLY nice if you, but you deserve to get paid for your work…I would 10:1 prefer paying you to send me some nice, premixed miracle compound than I would putting it together myself.
That’s my $0.02.

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Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your kind words! And YES. I would love to be a part of the largest construction project we have ever begun. Most people have no clue what the biggest construction “company” on this planet is. Of course we can link videos now to stuff like this one.

Anyhow. I think most guys wouldn’t have much of a problem using individual ingredients like powders or specialty chems and solvents. If anyone wanted me to ‘do the mix’ I could easily. And just set up a Pay Pal account for receivables. But. I would rather just let people send me whatever they think is fair for my services. I would simply need something to cover shipping if they wanted samples. And they would have to send it by Pay Pal before I shipped. I could let people know what I had available via the blog.

Thanks again Jesse. Maybe some day I will take a run down the coast.


You’re a good one! If you do take a run down the coast, you have a place to stay… Just say the word.

Atlas Services - Exterior Cleaning Specialists
North Carolina

Hey Henry, I was wondering if you could give us a quick lesson: what makes soap soap?

I mean, what part does glycerin play in the mix? What makes one soap a better grease cutter than another?

Is there any real difference between dawn, joy, and the value brand?

I just have a sneaking suspicion that the value brand is just repackaged name brand.

Glycerine is a by product of soap makeing
Used to be the big soap makers would leave it in
But now because they can make more money SELLING it. The soap makers take it out, and Then add back glycerine that they purchase from petroleum companies for glycerine is a by product of petroleum industry crude oil refinery.
(Ivory soap is just called “ivory” now because of this)
Glycerine is added to dish soaps as a hand moisturizer
There is a difference of different brands and a value brand is a brand that COPIES the original so it’s not the same but close
Original joy has no glycerine
Dawn has glycerine
Too many wc’ers don’t understand dish soap is a surfagent agent, not a slip.
Thereby adding way too much dish soap to get the slip one wants leading to inefficiency.
If your adding more than 5ml of dish soap per 2.5 gallons your adding too much. Time to add some slip agent. Not more dish soap.
Used to be that the "hi end made for window cleaning " soaps had a edge on dish soap.
But now when used properly, the natural dish soaps have way caught up and leveled the playing…Er winder washing field.
Of course that still all comes down to be using dish soap properly
Ever I found out my fav Ecover now has added glycerine to their mix I have been working on a new soap mix with out glycerine.
Trying Castile soap as my s.a. To see how it works
Love your work Henry!!

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Dose glycerine hurt or help with cleaning Windows?

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Got our route work, one of our core values is:
"We don’t want to come back to clean your dirty windows.
We want to come back to keep your windows clean"
Since it is IMPOSSIBLE to not leave some traces of residue when useing a squeegee I have found that in my experience that when glycerine is in a solution it makes it easier for dirt to recling to windows. Makeing the windows redirty by ones next monthly.
I don’t use a solution with it in it and it amazes me my windows do.
As far as my Castile soap experiment, it’s GREAT soap!!!
Just sucks at window cleaning ;(

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Hey Pag,

This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

There was a couple of brothers I knew 20 years ago in Rochester NY who inherited a WC company from their Dad. The Dad started it many years ago. He told them NEVER to use synthetic detergents. In short don’t use soap. Ever. Just use TSP. Which is a chem. Bleeds like crazy. Cleans like crazy. Gives your rubber unbelievable slip. And leaves virtually no film at all. Of course it isn’t very environmental. This WAS the cleaning solution of choice for the real old timers. I’m talking back in the very early 1900s. So should we move ahead to the past?

OK. So in the winter we get wicked filming on the inside which is warmer. Restaurants that have fryolaters. And garages are real bad. I tried a side by side test once on the same window. Cleaned one side with Dawn. The other side I used a microfiber strip washer and pure water. No chems, no soaps, just pure water. Gave it a weak to collect film. The results were totally FASCINATING! Dawn did create a film. Minimal but still a film. The water cleaned side was crystal clear except for what I call a blooming effect. This was essentially clear glass in between the “blooms” of film. Which were very visible from the outside looking in when the sun was directly on the glass. My conclusion? Use a cleaner that leaves the least film possible evenly across the entire window. That would probably be either TSP or sodium metasilicate (a very very little bit).


Hey @Henry- Your test results make me curious as to your “professional opinion”- Would you say that window cleaners advertising their use of pure water by saying that the windows will be cleaner and last longer is true or not true? In my experience I’ve seen it to be true, but I’ve not tested all the chemicals on glass that you apparently have.

And further is it actually “scientifically proven” that windows cleaned w/pure water (assuming that means 000 TDS) is the best way to clean windows? Amazing how many window cleaners worldwide have an almost word-for-word copy of that statement on their websites. Just google the words “scientifically proven pure water windows” in any order and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Shawn White


You KNOW what you are talking about! Someone probably has a better chance convincing you that the sun will rise in the west. WFP work happens on the outside. No potential for filming there. It is absolutely my opinion that a window that has been cleaned with a WFP is the most clean that it can be. And therefore will remain clean much longer than if it had been cleaned with a soapy solution. I don’t need science to tell me this. Its just common sense. But its always nice to have the science in your back pocket for show.

All the power to you and all the other WFP users.


Thanks for the reassurance Henry. Common Sense is good, but it always feels better to have others, whom you view as intelligently informed, to agree. :smiley: