Had a great day?


I went on foot today to met and greet in my down town cordor. It has been saterated by a competitor so I did nor feel so ggod starting off. BUT.

I had about 20 contacts. which led to two sales one small monthly store front the other was closing her shop but agreed to a resid job of her 3800 sq ft home near by. I also got four prospect for store front that look very good that should make the whole trip a profitable day.

I thank this site for the knowledge and info needed to talk to poeple and direct the conversation to a sale like i did with the shop that was closing.

just goes to show there is always a close.:smiley:

Eh, exact same for me… was killing it last week, but this week I couldn’t sell a job to save my life lol

I am happy with it, More so when I land the four prosects next week. It was a good day. Took me about three hours time and I was down town to have lunch with my wife anyways. :slight_smile:

Hang in there, it ain’t easy for anyone right now, but is going to get better. I know nothing about economy but when you cannot be in worse shape your only chance is get better.

I’m fine. I have a 20% return on the day for advertising ( 3 hours). The 3800 sg ft house will bring at least 2 bils instead of the $20 I expected out of her closing store front, and the 4 prospects shoud give me $100 on a one day route that are feet away from each other. Good times. :slight_smile: