Hand written- Kevin?

I wish I could recall where i read this…and exactly what it said. But for now I’ll have to paraphrase.

In short, the article or book was discussing direct mail and its effectiveness. The subject herein was about hand written letters in hand addressed envelopes compared to stickers on post cards.

The guy was talking about sending letters to potential clients and hand writing the address and using a first class stamp. Apparently giving more of a personal feel to the letter.

I seem to recall the ‘names’ were of those either:

  1. Given by current clients

  2. Neighbors of current clients.

Inside, the letter simply introduced the service provider and asked for their business. I also seem to recall he claimed doing so could increase ROI to around 45%.

I truly wish I could recall where I found this but…until then, can we open some dialog over the topic?

I used to do this with WC’ing. I’d send 15-30 such letters to all of the neighbors of the Funkberger’s when i did their house. I ALWAYS closed at least one. Then, I’d send out letter again to the same folks and the new surrounding neighbors.

i just kinda got tired and burned out (ADD).

I am more curious about trying this in new areas. I am looking atgetting back into the residential side.

I thought it was the Funksteins?

different family. Obviously.

You can find fonts that look hand written. Then all you need to do is set-up your mailer so that the address is merged and you will have the apperance of a hand written letter. Many companies do this. Some fonts look better than others.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Different font was not really the idea though.[/FONT]

I thought it was the Funkhousers? Get it Chris?:wink:

Or maybe it’s the Funksterstock’s?:slight_smile:

Which do you think would give one a better ROI, sending letters or putting a flyer/door hanger on the surrounding houses?

Sorry, don’t mean to stray from the original subject.

No…it is okay. the deeper topic is marketing.

The biggest challenge with all this stuff is actually getting the recipient to OPEN the dumb thing, so because of that, handwritten is way better, since it implies a real person who knows them wrote it.

Definitely don’t put your company name on the top left of the envelope, just the return address.

I have a crazy idea, actually, using this approach…just dawned on me…

You can’t just leave us hangin like that Kevin! What is it?

I do this type of thing with my past clients several times a year. I’ll write their name and address, but type up the return address. I do get great returns on that. I also use this as an opportunity to upsell another service that they haven’t used.

What’s worked well for me in getting the surrounding neighbors is a referral program that I have which motivates the current customer to call their neighbors about getting an estimate.

Put the stamp there!

(Sorry - I had a sample posted, but it has been removed)

If anyone wants this, I’d recommend saving it NOW, it’s coming down tomorrow.

good stuff kevin. very good stuff. and thanks for the headsup

This is your usual awesome tip that I sit back and say “why didn’t I think of that?” Good stuff Kevin!