Handheld nylon brush

WCR use to sell the handheld Nylon brush with the green bristles. Looks like they discontinued it! Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?

quote=“whatapane, post:1, topic:37933, full:true”]WCR use to sell the handheld Nylon brush with the green bristles. Looks like they discontinued it! Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?


What are you using it for. I bough a couple of these for screens


yes i have 2 and have adapted one for wfp search:
nylex window cleaning brush for a dealer near you

I saw that on there site. Is it the exact same brush though? I don’t want a knock off with flocked bristles.

For the glass son.

I did a search but couldn’t tell if they were the same brush. The brush WCR sold had a specific bristle that was amazing at cleaning. That’s the reason I want that brush. I will probably try the one ABC sells and see if it’s the same.

…Or you could go with a hand held hogs hair…A bit pricier…like 2x more but they clean great.
I have the Nylex too and prefer the hogs hair. I need to get a smaller hogs hair one though because the size I bought is a wrist breaker.

Yah I’ve got several hogs hair but I want to try the nylon. I have a water fed pole brush that I believe is the same bristle as the nylon and it cleans better than the hogs hair brush and without smelling like wet hog.

I’m just bumping this thread. I got the brush from ABC window cleaning today but I’m not sure if its the same brush or not. The brush from ABC is flagged so the brush fibers are split at the end. Does anyone know if the on WCR sold was flagged or not?

Was not flagged bristle. Trying to find the site where I bought a few from now.

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The ABC brush kind of looks like it might be the right brush, I ordered a few from a site that sold commercial kitchen/cleaning supplies.
Looks like they may have changed the brush block color.



Thanks for the reply! So is this the one you ordered? I found another site and called them and they said the one they have is not flagged so I ordered one. I will wait to see if that one is the right one. The one on the ABC site is definately flagged but I’m going to give it a go and see how it performs. Again thanks for the input.

The ABC brush looks like what I have, I don’t feel like it is a super flagged brush (are there degrees of flagged?) I have blue Unger Truck brush from HD or Lowe’s and that thing is very soft and super flagged it would not get a Dallas window clean.

Lol. There’s not much that can get a Dallas window clean! Even on quarterly cleans, when just using a strip washer, dirt will build up on the glass over time and you have to use some wool on the glass.
That’s why I like using a brush. You don’t have to worry about the Glas not getting clean enough and you don’t have to use wool.

The hogs hair is good but it can smell like a wet hog. I am anxious to get the new brush on the glass. I’ve wanted to purchase it for some time but kept percrastinating it.

The green brush is all I used on exteriors while in DFW. Gets in all the nooks and crannies.

Are you no longer in DFW?

Sunny California Southern Orange County since summer 2013. Got all my gear stockpiled in the garage, only cleaning my own windows and the shower door now a days. I made a DIY boab for the nylex brush, there are some posts and pictures on here somewhere, will look for them today. If you see Paul K. at DWCS tell I said Hi. Steven

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@whatapane here is an old post with a pic of the diy boat I made.


I remember that post. I use a water proof pouch for the brush in place of a boab. It works great.

What are you doing now for work if your jot cleaning Windows? How’s California?