Happy Birthday to Seth

Looks as if Seth is celebrating a birthday today. Hopefully your workload is light and you can enjoying some time with the family.


Hey Old Man,

Hope you birthday finds your wallet full, your woman hot, and your new baby healthy, and all of you Happy!

Happy Birthday Seth!

Have a good one!!

If you still have any Sparks enjoy one on your special day :smiley:

Happy Birthday Seth…how many is that? :eek:

Happy Birthday Seth!!

Many happy returns my friend.

Thanks all!

Cookin up some steaks on the grill to go along with my Wife’s au gratin. Then some sort of surprise cake (ice cream maybe?) from my Wife and kids.

Karlos- I’m 53 today… no wait, 35. It’s my body that feels 53.:slight_smile: Workin on that though, slowly.