Happy Holidays WCR Community!

I just wanted to wish all of you hard working men and women a wonderful Christmas.

Enjoy this time together with your family.

Pop back on after xmas and share with us what Santa brought you


Same to you, Paul. Take care

happy holidays to all

Happy holidays! I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Everyone be safe and enjoy the yourselves!

I have much respect for you Paul.

I would gladly invite you over but for the 3000 mile drive.

I’d enjoy a good cigar, some cheap wine and a long, well deserved chat.

We could sit out by the pool or at the beach…and just talk.

You, my friend, are welcome here anytime.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas all!

Everyone enjoy the holidays and be safe!

be safe and don’t drive if too intoxicated

happy holidays to you and yours.

Just enough is okay?!?

well, I asked for the P90X excercise program for xmas and I think I will be dead after this week. Talk about extreme workout… no wonder people get ripped after 12 weeks.

It is horridly hard but I advise everyone to go buy it. My wife took a picture of me in my hunky glory last night and I will take another at the end of 12 weeks and post them here.

There, now I said it publicly. I better watch those sweets!

I have a similar program.

X Box 360.

I’ll look pretty much the same in 360 days but for my thumbs.

Wanna a photo of my hunky? :slight_smile: