Hard Rubber and Soft Rubber?

I was browsing the WCR store looking at squeegee rubber and noticed some brands offer soft and hard rubber. Which is better? I use Ettore rubber usually and they do not distinguish between soft and hard rubber they just offer one kind. So is Ettore master rubber soft or hard? Thanks

Ettore is more closely defined as a medium rubber.

Maybe someone should make a chart with all the brands of rubber that WCR carries and chart them according to their hardness or softness…or in Ettore’s case… mediumness.

I love hard rubber! Actually, I really cannot clean windows effectively with soft rubber.

Ive been using hard rubber for years and wouldnt use anything else.

Same here bud. In fact with soft rubber I get these smearing marks left behind.

i got soft rubber, but want to give hard rubber a try… im thinking i can just save this soft rubber until its freezing outside so as not to waste it…

anyone notice a difference in turnovers when using soft rubber? i used to never have turn overs when i worked at a different WC company, im thinking maybe theirs was harder rubber?