Hard water removal included?

So we’ve been cleaning windows for about 5 years now going well. I always feel a bit uneasy about leaving hard water stains on glass even if the customer is having a general clean. My question is do you guys include hard water removal on general cleans or do you let the customer know that it’s not included/included? I don’t see us including it in a general clean without charging for it. But I also don’t let customers know it’s not coming out with the general cleaning . I just never address it but I’ve had to defend our service a few times lately.

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Never included in a general clean.

Falls under restoration, which is extra.

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If there is a few stains along a corner or bottom or two, I will take them off. If there is water stain over several windows, I will bring it to the client’s attention and quote a price for removal

When we show up on a job we walk around, confirm the price and inspect the windows as best as possible. Thats when we go over hard water. If you tell them about it before you start its a “reason,” If you tell them after you start its an “excuse.” If you give them a reason before you start, people are much more understanding of the extra amount of work and are more tolerant of a price increase. If you start making excuses after you start, they arent going to want to hear it

I explain when they book hard water stains, glue, paint, etc is extra. Our techs will let them know if a problem arises

Then if they have hard water stains. We show we can’t clean it with regular methods and do a demo. A nice big clean spot right in the middle. That sells it 95% of the time.

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Great replies I’m thinking about taking time to review all the windows with the customer before we clean on all the jobs we do
It’s amazing how customers will expect three glass to come out like new after a cleaning. I usually charge $10 per window. Is that about what you guys are charging?

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There is never a real guide on pricing… but i would say always charge at least double what you would normally take, since it’s a premium service.

Not every pane is the same, some will come up looking great on a so so effort, some come up looking ok on a time dedicated effort… You win you lose…

A number of guys choose to provide level of service such as

  1. Basic

  2. Standard

  3. Advance - and the stain removal usually resides around this service…

but you can add it on to any service if it’s permit-able…

I always advise/educate customers and let them know what IS provided in each service rather than what isn’t (just like an insurance policy)

I then find it’s best and easier to up-sell the service as an extra rather than include it with the service (you’ll look far too expensive on first price check otherwise).

Here is today’s job.

You have any oxalic acid? Probably would have cleaned all of that plus the frame with ease

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If you’re betting that the customer won’t say anything about the hard water stains, you’re taking a risk. You should always disclose that a general cleaning does not include hard water removal in writing at minimum. Odds are they’ll expect that to be included.

That’s exactly what I’ve run into lately but more so with the tire kicker customers. I’ve started to inform customers of their hard water by showing them their own stains. It takes an extra 10 minutes but saves me a headache and my reputation.

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Once started of there is one maybe two windows I will just do them rq. But when looking at the windows I make surw to point it out because if there are a lot then I do up charge to the service if the customer wants. But that is just me as I am still growing my customer base. But most likely I will keep the same mentality because doing two windows every once in a while on my dime is worth much more in referrals than the 5 to 10 bucks ill make on the job

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