Hard Water Spot Removal and HF

For window cleaners using hydrofluoric acid to remove hard water spots this 1996 article in Discover Magazine is a must read. CC550 by Winsol is the most popular of the HF products sold for hard water spot removal.

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Thanks for that reminder Troy. I had forgotten how dangerous HF is. Got to remember our PPE when working w/ acids no matter what kind!

Good post. HF is some gnarly stuff. Definitely needs extreme caution.

thanks Troy,
that’s a good wake up call for me. I don’t take cc550 as serious as I should

cc50 makes me nervous… Its a great product, but you must use extreme caution when using it. Here is the link for the msds and all the other chemicals we carry:

Window Cleaning MSDS - vBadvanced Links Directory

Read it, if you use it!

No matter what chemicals you are using, you should always exercise caution and wear appropriate clothing accompanied by goggles and gloves.

Protecting yourself from all chemicals should always be #1. Just be cautions and you will be fine. :slight_smile: