Hard water spots on tinted windows

Is there a product that will remove hard water spots without damaging a tinted window?

do you know if the tint was applied on the inside or outside the window?

When Looking at it closely it looks like on both sides. The only reason I think it’s on the outside also is when Looking from inside I noticed something very small they must have gone over. Maybe a piece of dirt.

Cheap tinting places always put a sheet of tint on the outside of the glass they are tinting. If they tinted the glass before installation then it was probably done with a full wrap. This is probably the case especially if its a commercial building. I have always used 1 restore even on tinted windows and haven’t had any problems, but you might want to do a little test section to see what might happen. Hopefully someone else can chime in here.

Where could I get 1 restore?

I get mine at J racenstien. You can probably just google it for your area.

Thanks. I will give it a shot.

EacoChem who sells One Restore is located in PA

The fine people who provide this free forum sell it:



Yes they do at that, but I thought he could call the company and ask any questions he may have about the tint situation.
WCR Is usually the first peeps I go to for my supplies.

Just make sure when you use the stuff to wear all the proper PPE. The stuff is no joke.

I will. Thanks for the advice.

window film is generally always on the inside. there is film that is made for exterior applications, it does not last long on external glass and is not recommended by the film manufacturers. external film should be sealed around the edges with silicon. otherwise look for very small light gaps around the edges. also film feels different when you rub your fingers on it. it has more of a plastic feel( more drag for lack of a better word) higher quality film has a harder scratch coat and will feel less like plastic. low quality film is very rubbery feeling. It is subtle and hard to explain. I highly doubt that it has film on the outside and inside. the only time i install film external is on skylights that i can not reach from the inside.

Im wondering if 0 grade steel wool would work

That’s what I use.

Not on film it will scratch

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I would not suggest using any steel wool on tint it will scratch. Are your sure its tinted on the outside?