Hard water spots

Im doing my ordering so im looking for a good hard water spot remover…


AND CC550. Some stuff Safe Restore cant get out, and CC550 can…and vice versa. Good to have both.

There are several options here - http://shopwindowcleaner.com/soap-chemicals/stain-removal.html
Read up on the dangers of Tin Etch Haze if you are going to use a hydrofluoric acid like CC-550.
All the products in the link will work on all stains except for severe oxidation or silica stains. For those you have 2 options - CC-550 or a scratch removal system. The safer way to remove those stains (imo) is http://shopwindowcleaner.com/miscellaneous/scratch-removal-systems.html

Yes spend over $2000 and at least twice as much time to remove stains. Have you ever used CC550 Tony?
Oh and that link is broken I believe.

i use cc550 but am always afraid of tin etch haze. ive never run into it any problems. is there anything i can look for? i also have a lot of the old single paned windows with storms, should i be afraid of tin etch haze when using cc550 on the bottom 6 or 12 panes? or is tin only on thermal paned windows?
also what do you use for hard water/mineral stains?

You don’t need to be afraid of tin etch haze, you need to be aware of it though. Always test in a corner of the pane first, if its the tin side it will turn a milky blueish white. I can’t say for certain but I don’t think it a problem on thermal panes. Its either not float glass or the tin sides are the #2 and #3 sides. Another thing I’ve used is spray foam and steel wool.

I have not used it Jay. I would rather not because of the health hazards and the very real danger of TEH. You can avoid TEH if you get a UV light and test every pane w/ it. I think if you are into glass restoration then a scracth system can serve a dual purpose as you will be able to avoid the use of one of the most dangerous chemicals a wcer could use. Just my opinion of course.
I’ll check the link. Thanks Jay.

CC 550 is good too.