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Can’t really see the stains but I’m doing a Chilis store tomorrow that has 2-3 windows with hard water stains on 3-4 inches on the window. I’m sure I can get it out but don’t know how much to charge. We clean their windows bi-weekly already but aren’t sure what to charge for stain removal. The first 3 windows to the left… Thanks for your input and advice!

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I don’t have a suggestion on how much to charge to remove hard water stain. I just want to chime in and say that if you only have an occasional need to remove hard water stain but don’t do enough water stain removal to justify buying something like a JFlint Mr. Hard Water kit, the Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner ($19.95 from Amazon [B][I][U]link here[/U][/I][/B]) seems to work pretty well.

I had some really badly stained shower doors at home and I was debating whether to buy the JFlint Mr Hard Water kit or not. I’m not in the business of doing shower door stain removal so I couldn’t really justify the cost of the kit. I just wanted to clean my own shower doors, that’s all. So I came across this product and I tried it out and it works for me, after a lot of elbow grease to do the scrubbing. I used maybe 1/3 of the $20 bottle to clean 2 sets of shower doors (4 panels total).

I simply charge twice the amount I would for that particular window. This happened to me on a job this week and the client had about four windows that had hard water stains and some paint overspray. So for example, if I were to charge her $24 for the four windows at $6 per pane, I charged her $48 for the same four. I charge twice the amount because it takes me twice the amount of time to “restore” it. Some Sorbo Powder, some scraping work and bam! All cleaned up. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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I’d probably just do it for free

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Ended up charging them $20 per window. They had a total of 7 windows with stains! Plus interior/exterior washing, 2 1/2 hours… Made a quick $200 ATTACH]12395[/ATTACH]


What did you end up using to remove the hard water staining and did you seal the glass afterwards…

Sealing in two weeks, used Bar Keepers Friend and pad.


Just landed my local hospital and the windows haven’t been done in 6 years removed all the dirt and debris from windows for first time and found the windows around planter beds to have hard water stains. I let management know and suggested they get the sprinklers fixed so they don’t hit windows. I let them know that I would clean them when that is done, but my question is should I clean them to the first time and hope they get the sprinklers fixed by the next time I do them. The job is for twice a year and a multi year contract. Price for removing the stains were not figured because couldn’t see the stains under 6 years of dirt. Windows that I have done today still look dirty to me because of the stains.
Thank You for any and all suggestions.

You should always seal same day…once you open up the glass w/hard water stain removal process,the glass becomes very susceptible to being stain again very easily. Just food for thought your next round!

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When you quote a large job like that you should allway’s test a few lower window to see if they
have staining…Removing hard water staining built up over years of neglect can be much much harder to remove.

If you can I would talk to them and let them now that it will be very labor intensive to remove the staining,The key is to Inform the customer how hard water staining occurs and how the process works to remove it.

I have been in that same position in the past, and after educating my customer about “Hard Water Staining Removal Process”, I was able to charge my going rate and they were more then happy with the results.

So maybe you still can help them and help yourself at the same time!

Good Luck

What sealant should I use and thanks!


this works well…:Hydrophobic Spray | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

I did mention that the stains were existing and probably from the sprinkler system. I will test one window tomorrow and let the management know how it went and let them know I will be doing it next time. I will discuss price with them tomorrow.
Thank You for your advice. What product do you use?

This product work good: JFlint Mr. Hardwater Micro Mineral Powder 16oz. - Stain Removers - Soaps / Chemicals

its probably one of the easiest to use and it works well on some heavy water staining applications.

My self i use cerium oxide and Makita polisher.

Good luck Tomorrow!

Thanks I appreciate all the information and the encouragement you give.

[MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION] Is there a name brand for straight cerium oxide? I’ve asked for it at home depot, Lowe’s and a couple of janitorial supply stores in my area and they just look at me like the RCA dog.

[MENTION=36738]JWALL[/MENTION]…Google search cerium oxide, you will see there are a few place to order it online.

Yeah the big stores employees always give that look!!!..LOL