Hard water stain removal

Hey guys

if you do commercial accounts do you include hard water stain removal in the price or if you on a job and you run into the problem do you charge more if they want it removed?

Let me know thanks

I give a base price for window cleaning. If they have hard water stains I will let them know its extra. most of the stains I see have been there for years and are pretty much hopeless. I will try crystal clear 550 and if that doesn’t work/depending on how much they want to pay I will attack it with the scratch hog.

The same here. I give the quote for normal window washing and if extra attention is need I bill them accordingly.

What does your “extra attention” include?

I charge extra for hard water removal if it requires a chemical solution instead of just scraping.

How much success have you had with simply scraping?

I had a commercial account that was every other week and because they leased the building they could never resolve the sprinkler issue that was leaving some of the big entry area glass spotted. That meant I had to scrape severe water spotting off every time. They were pretty bad and had they set much more I’m sure they would have required chemicals to remove.