Hard water stains blame it on the painter!

Had house that we did it had certain hard water staining on most of the windows?
This is nothing new as it was about only on the glass about 4 months worst was where the sun had sort of baked it on.

We use One Restore to remove it.
Windows that were the most in the sun the hard water came off.
But on closer inspection the hard water was impregnator into the glass.
These windows we then had to use CC550 which remove these stains.

But why was this?
House is only 4 months old even if they hosed the windows using bore water which this house has to water garden it would come off fairly easily.

So asked the owner if they had hosed the windows said no (BUT.)
They said the painter cleaned the window frames and where they had to paint.
As there was a lot of dust dirt grit etc on them.

Using a pressure washer which would of forced the hard water into the glass impregnating into the glass.
The very worst windows were when we had a heat wave +100 F directly onto the windows.

Just a side note the owner also said the painter was going to clean up the windows.
Well this did not happen in fact they have not come to finish off the job yet.

I’m sorry but your post was really hard to read. :confused:

This better??
Windows that were the most in the sun the hard water came off.

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Usually I find the sunny side is harder? Etches in more when glass heats up

That is correct the thing is that these were only new windows 4 months old.
If it was only from sprinkler watering the lawn etc., it would not be a problem.
But pressure washing on the glass and then have 10 or days of temperatures well over 100F directly on it.
Will really bake it on.
This is why had to use something stronger like CC550 on glass.

The lesson here is don’t hit glass with a pressure washer. They’re lucky he didn’t break the seals

What chems were used in the pressure washer? I have seen pressure washing cause all kinds of trouble.


Yes that is very true but most people do not know this.
Same as what the water is like.
In this case they were using bore water which did not help.