Hard water

I’ve been removing hard water stains the past 3 years and I’ve used everything from Onerestore, titan a-1, Winsol 550, and Mr hard water liquid glass polish and the Mr hard water seems to be the most effective for the stains I’m working on but still takes roughly 3 hours per square foot of glass on each side of 25 glass panes about 4’×2.5’ and I’m curious if any of my fellow window cleaners can recommend a better/stronger product that might speed the process up a bit. I’ve been using a buffing machine and steel wool buffing pads and it’s working surely but SLOOOWLY. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks fellas.

yikes! the panel on the right doesn’t look so bad. i have always used barkeepers friend it usually works pretty well. the worst i ever had was a basement window about 16x32 so covered it was completely opaque, it actually looked frosted.
took a half hour with barkeepers friend and a razor. lighter i just wash it on and wash ut off in a minute or so.

I would go with one restore. Use it out of a pump up sprayer and straight. Maybe a couple of coats. should take maybe 5 mins a pane. ~Jersey 862-312-2026 https://windowcleaner.com/eaco-chem-onerestore?pt=JJ