Has anyone added on a Maid service to your window cleaning business?

I was thinking about doing it next year. With winter around the corner i will have some time to think about add ons to my window cleaning business. My girlfriend already cleans a few houses while finishing up college and she has some friends who are also interested in cleaning houses. Anyone ever do this, have any advice, or any other adds on to window cleaning that have been successful? Thanks

Used to do a TON of janitorial jobs. My problem was that I was young, and didn’t like the idea of ‘wasting my nights’ working.

Hindsight is definitely 20/20 on that, talk about a great gig!
There’s usually nobody around and you’re working inside a [U]warm[/U] office building.

I’m not so bright, sometimes. :confused:

When I had a window cleaning franchise they also had maid franchises. The only thing I learned from them was to wear black socks. The maids would always wear white socks and when they were on their knees the bottom of their feet looks like Monkey Feet. From then on nothing but black socks for me. (now I wear runners and booties)

I think of it as a whole nother business. Its not what I would consider an add on.

It is another business. If you decide to get into it, separate everything from your window cleaning. I have two completely separate businesses, one for the janitorial and one for the window cleaning

When I went on my own I added building maintenance too my name. I would dig a lake too make money and was able too work for many builders cleaning, office cleaning at night. The money was great, but no sleep but cat naps. Some of us can still do it in there mid 40’s with a wife and kids but I chose too slow down. I still love the break-up of only res. window cleaning. Them offices are warm and no one there barking at you.

How do you get those janitorial jobs?


For a certainty, I could have gone my entire life without seeing that.


You’re welcome :wink: