Has Anyone Found a Good TDS Meter That Can Be Mounted to a DI Tank?

I rent DI tanks from culligan water company. They are about 4 feet high, and 9 inches wide, 1 cubic foot. It would be really nice if I was able to mount some kind of TDS meter right to the tank, so I didn’t have to constantly get out the handheld TDS meter.

Recently, I purchased an in-line TDS meter, and tried to install it. I went down to Home Depot, got all the fittings, and put it together, only to find it leaking all over the place. The TDS meter also failed after a little while. I’m wondering if all the water leaking somehow got into the meter and broke it.

So, I’m back to square 1. Has anyone dealt with this problem and found a good solution?

Look at a hydroponics website.

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I use a HM Digital tds meter. http://shopwindowcleaner.com/hm-digital-dm-1-in-line-dual-tds-monitor.html

I have seen a lot of folks use a velcro and stick the single line right to the side of a di tank. - TDS meter, ppm, hm digital | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

I am working on want Chris said except I will have it with velcro on the top of my .50 cf tanks.

Using the In Line from WCR. No leaks yet.

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