Has anyone kept consistent residential through the snow?

I have been thinking about really pushing residential this winter. Has anyone else had success with this? Ideally I would like to try and push $1500 a week. Maybe it’s possible but then again maybe not. What are some winter services I can really push?

Say why don’t you ask Art / buddyo http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/members/buddyo.html...He’s in your neck of the woods let him help you…How about pushing snow with a truck…Or cleaning snow off roofs !


I think we all would like to work through winter with resi. If you figure out how to make the phone ring, let’s us know.

Set up some sort of winter discount… J-man-in De-twa what’s your advice !


Get some commercial work set up, quarterly…Or even monthly !


I’m considering selling drugs. There’s a year round need for those. But there are some down sides too. Like death or prison. On second thought…

Yeah, you and the OTHER 50,000 owners out there…:rolleyes:

Because there always seems to be an overabundance of fresh customers looking for window cleaners in the winter.
And we all know that most companies are so swamped that they cannot even answer the call.

My philosophy-
Think “winter” in July
Think “summer” in february

Always stay hungry… ESPECIALLY when you’re ‘fat & happy.’

Remember how cold it gets, even though there is sweat pouring from your forehead.

Prison almost for sure, death some what likely… Bad drug deals will get you killed… Just stay honest :slight_smile:

For sure. 25 years behind the badge and I know I’d never survive prison. Lol. I’m sure you all know I was just joking.

Really cool how great you 2 guys are !


exactly right. those of us in the north develop a sickening dread that begins to creep up around mid-september and is in full force right now. trying to squeeze every last minute out of the few days of comfortable weather left in the year.

it sucks when it’s 95 in july, but you can always look forward to that ice cold beer at the end of the day. that makes it ok.

the cold is the killer. i can already feel the kink you get in your shoulders from hunching over to keep warm in december.

Ya, but in the winter, there is the wood stove if you have one!

Well this winter for me will be the first winter that I will be marketing to homes directly during the Winter months.

Normally I just do a few news paper ads and a few radio spots during the Winter, this year I’m adding

500 pieces Mailer/Fliers a week with a special 20 window deal to Home Owners.

So I guess i will see what kind of response get…
At least the Company name and number will be fresh in the Home Owners mind come early spring if nothing else…

Rub it in, why don’t ya!

I’ve tried a lot of winter solutions. My suggestion is cost average what it takes to survive year round on a business that is profitable 8 months a year. Achieve those numbers April-November and chill out in the winter. This helped by having enough commercial to have some cash flow in the winter while living off of the extra from the Summer.

Unless you can lobby the Idaho legislature to legalize marijuana . . . instead of “Open Range” you could be “Windows & Weed”

I hear ya there. I’m in my first year in business, and here cross state from you in Grand Rapids, I’m already feeling the dreading imminent cold coming on. With a forecast for snow on Thursday and Saturday, it’s got me cringing, but still hungry to keep going to keep my word of mouth referrals going, at least for my commercial base. I have 110 commercial customers on a monthly basis that I’ll be servicing year round. Residential for me, I believe my last scheduled cleaning is on Oct. 28th. After that, it’s likely I’ll hang up my box of shoe covers til March’ish of 2014.

we are lucky in the uk, the demand for window cleaning is the same no matter what the season. iv found that a lot of one man bands cry off if its cold or rainy in wintertime. i see their vans parked up . i cannot do that not with employing workers and its surprising what fresh work is out there once you are on the streets . yesterday we were working in drizzly rain and my phone rang,a lady in a house opposite had been watching us work and liked what she saw , asked me to do hers .
only 2 doors from her house was another lads window van parked up in his driveway,no doubt he was home inside ,keeping dry .

Thats what I’m looking for during the winter months. If they are calling that means they want the service.

Add another to the customer list…:cool: